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The first RadioLife student leaves the nest!

Submitter: Raffaella Morganti, Tom Oosterloo
Description: Filippo Maccagni, the first student appointed under the ERC RadioLife grant to study the effect of the gas in the life of radio galaxies, has successfully defended his thesis at the University of Groningen last Monday (18 September).

The title says it all: "Cold gas in the centre of radio-loud galaxies; New perspectives on triggering and feedback from HI absorption surveys and molecular gas"! It contains a number of very diverse studies on the connection between gas and AGN, using many different instruments and techniques, including the WSRT, ALMA and the VLT. Filippo has been very productive: the thesis includes four papers published in refereed journals and one about to be submitted. Particularly relevant is the work on the "last HI absorption survey with the 'old' Westerbork telescope" that he conducted in preparation for Apertif (see Daily Image of 30-05-2017).

Filippo was supervised by Raffaella Morganti and Tom Oosterloo. The pdf of his thesis can be found here, but if you would like a proper paper copy, please ask!

Filippo will now move to Cagliari, to work with an other ex-Groningen-ASTRON student, Paolo Serra. He will be part of the Fornax HI project with MeerKat, so he will continue to be involved with SKA Pathfinder radio telescopes.

Congratulations Filippo!! Good luck with your new position and we hope to see you back soon to complete your work on the Apertif data!
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