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Lofar Long-Baseline Working Group Busy Week, 11-15 September

Submitter: Neal Jackson, for the Long-Baseline Working Group
Description: The Lofar Long-Baseline Working Group met at ASTRON from 11-15 September for a Busy Week. We have been developing algorithms and pipelines for the reduction of HBA international-baseline data, and concentrating particularly on pipelining data reduction in Surveys KSP fields. This should ultimately allow of the order of 100 sources to be detected and mapped in each field with noise levels of 0.1mJy.

The reduction has been pipelined as far as the delay calibration, and we tested clock-TEC separation successfully; the top left hand part of the picture shows the derived TEC solutions as a function of time during a Surveys KSP observation. We also worked on a range of other problems including initial model generation for target fields, bright-source subtraction, pipeline efficiency, and automation of the target mapping/selfcal loops. An image of a source 30 arcmin away from a calibrator generated during the week is also shown (bottom right).

Members of the LBWG attending the busy week (L to R in the photo): Alexander Drabent, Evita Vavilina, Gatis Gaigals, Carole Roskowinski, Rachael Ainsworth, Sean Mooney, Tim Shimwell, Leah Morabito, Neal Jackson, Alexander Kappes, Marco Iacobelli.
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