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A team - that's how it works!

Submitter: Gina Maffey
Description: In the short space of six months the Astronomy kwartet set has moved from an idea on a whiteboard to a fully functioning and attractive game.

And, of course none of this would have been possible without a whole team of people involved. From writing to designing, from funding to editing there are a lot of people who have offered their expertise to ensure this project was a success.

On 25th October team leader, Paula Fusiara, brought everyone together to celebrate the completion of 'Astronomie? Zo werkt het!'. She made a masterpiece of a cake, complete with asteroids, multiple layers and A LOT of blue food colouring!

While this celebration may signal the completion of 'Astronomie? Zo werkt het!', it also marks the beginning of 'Astronomy? That's how it works!'. Demand has been high for an English version of the game and work has already begun on translating the cards. Watch this space!

Copyright: Ilse van Bemmel
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