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A silent Tribute to the Power Woman

Submitter: Paula Fusiara
Description: It is sometimes hard to bid farewell to a valued colleague. You have this one day, 19th of July 2018 - the last day at work, that as a group you can give a token of appreciation and gratitude to her legacy, precision, knowledge and the unforgettable warm character of highly respected Engineering Power Woman 2014.

The farewell gift was not just a standard farewell gift. It needed a lot of cooperation and some logistics to accomplish. After all, almost all of the guys and those very few gals from NOVA and ASTRON Mechanical Department got involved and contributed their breaks to create this special ornamental needlework that refers to Gabby's crocheting hobby.

This gift radiates the power of compassion, embeds understanding and collegiate bond and all other emotions and aspects that no language can even express, but can be conveyed by means of such a modest but magically 'charged' gift.

Her smile and silence say it all ...
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