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Sport and games evening

Submitter: Ger van Diepen
Description: On Thursday 24-Jan the Personeelsvereniging has organised a sport and
games event. About 25 people had subscribed for the event and a few
stray post-docs also took part.
From 5pm till about 9pm these people could play table tennis, table
football, darts, sjoelen as well as various games such as chess, Sets, Fluxx
and Catan.
The PV had made a scheme for the various sports, but only the table
tennis players and the 'sjoelers' more or less adhered to the scheme. The others played
at random with a lot of enthusiasm and joy.

Eric came out as the best sjoeler with 511 point in 5 rounds, while
Gijs ended as second with 443 points. Clearly DESP (De Echte Sjoel
Profs) members have the senstivity and brute force required for sjoeling.
The table tennis was won bij Klaas Jan with Ger as second.
Software engineers are skilled table tennis players.

Christine (from the kantine) led the darts group and provided them
with a wealth of darts and advice. Getting down from 501 towards 0 was usually
not that hard, but ending on exactly 0 with a double point dart
proved to be very difficult. It took many turns before a dart ended in
the right part of the board.

The PV and ASTRON Event group had joined forces in buying a football
table. Assembling the table was a lot of work, but thanks to the help
of Korijn Vink the job could be finished in time. So it means that ASTRON now
has a football table at its disposal which can be used during

A Chinese buffet provided the participants with sufficient energy.
It was a very pleasant evening and all people have
enjoyed it a lot. Certainly something to do again next year.
Copyright: PV
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