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Today's colloquium: Globular clusters in the Gaia era

Submitter: Alice Zocchi
Description: Globular clusters have long been considered to be spherically symmetric, isotropic, non-rotating stellar systems. However, this simple picture has been revolutionized by a series of recent discoveries about their kinematic and structural properties, which challenge our theoretical understanding of their formation and evolution. A proper identification of the main physical ingredients (pressure anisotropy, rotation, external tides, ...) that shape the internal dynamics of globular clusters will allow us to better understand their evolution, and to draw conclusions on their origin and on the origin of their host systems. To achieve this, it is necessary to interpret these rich and complex data by comparing them with more realistic models. I will present my recent efforts in proposing such models, and I will show an example of their application to observational data.
Copyright: NASA, The Hubble Heritage Team, STScI, AURA
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