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Kleibrink about Grote Reber

Submitter: Harm-Jan Stiepel & Tammo Jan Dijkema
Description: Herman Kleibrink, working as a photographer at the Leidse Sterrewacht from 1931 to 1975, is mostly known around Astron for his film "De bouw van een radiotelescoop". However, he was mostly a photographer, both professionally at the Sterrewacht as outside, leading to various photo books about Leiden - many of his pictures are archived at Erfgoed Leiden.

Erfgoed Leiden hosts an interview with Herman Kleibrink regarding his activities in the resistance during the second world war.

As a professional photographer, Kleibrink published in the biweekly (now monthly) photography magazine Focus, which has existed since around 1916 [citation needed]. The gem in this post was found by Harm-Jan Stiepel when he went through his personal collection of Focus Magazines. In this article, Kleibrink explains to his audience of photographers, the first 1944 measurements of galactic radio emission by Grote Reber.
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