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AARTFAAC2.0 Workshop

Submitter: Maaijke Mevius
Description: On February 11 - 12, 2019 ASTRON hosted the second AARTFAAC workshop. The participants various topics, including latest science results of the A6 array as well as the results of the commissioning effort for the A12 instrument and its initial science. AARTFAAC is a versatile science enabler, with topics ranging from pulsar and transient science to Galactic line and continuum emission, Space Weather and Cosmic dawn. The workshop also covered technical challenges of current and future operations and plans for further integration into the LOFAR system as it evolves into its 2.0 incarnation. AARTFAAC is a pathfinder for similar systems (like nenuFar) as we move into the SKA era.

The LOC extends its thanks to ASTRON staff who provided assistance and pleasant workshop atmosphere.

The image shows the (A12) radio sky around 65 MHz above ASTRON (with ASTRON in the "foreground"), conference participants, and a deep A12 intensity map of the full sky (60 MHz, 1.5 MHz bandwidth, 2 minutes integration time).

More at: www.aartfaac.org

Presentations: https://www.astron.nl/LofarSlides/index.php (Under general user slides for 2019)
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