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LFAA CDR: the panel, the consortium and the SKAO

Submitter: Jan Geralt Bij de Vaate
Description: After 5 years of hard work the Low Frequency Aperture Array (LFAA) consortium was ready for the Critical Design Review. The review and the documentation concentrated on the reference design laid out by a full set of documentation. And supported by the outcomes of the Aperture Array Verification System (AAVS1), the SKA1-Low proto-type station, realized in the Western Australian Murchison. This generated 564 entries in the so-called Observations Actions Register (OAR), with good recommendations for the way forward. The panel, including ASTRON's Michiel Brentjens, concluded: The panel feels comfortable with the plan to close out the LFAA consortium subject to closure of the outstanding OARs. The panel also strongly supports the bridging activities leading into a complete design for LFAA at System CDR. These bridging activities are absolutely critical to raising the technology readiness level and demonstrating success in meeting all important requirements.

In other words: nice job but more work to do!
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