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PV skiing event Winterberg 2019

Submitter: Eric Kooistra
Description: On Wednesday February 13th the Personeelsvereninging (PV) organized a trip to Winterberg in Germany. We went by bus with 26 people. Four people used the day to go hiking (and shopping) and the other 22 went skiing or snowboarding. For most events the PV uses a draaiboek (scenario script) that contains a list of preparations, templates and actions that are needed to organize the event. Using a draaiboek is a great help, because it avoids forgetting things and it tells what to do when. The draaiboek also says: 'Have a nice day' and that we had! During the day it got sunnier and the landscape was covered with snow. On the pistes it was pleasantly crowded. Afterwards we had a diner in Winterberg and then we went back home.
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