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PV trip to Elburg

Submitter: Ger van Diepen
Description: On Wednesday April 3rd the Personeelsvereniging ASTRON/JIVE has
organised a trip to Elburg. Eleven people took part in a guided walk
through the city and thereafter admired the sand sculptures in an old
factory. We had cold weather, but it was dry. This time of year Elburg
is not busy at all, but during the summer months many tourists flock
the city.

We have enjoyed the vist a lot. Elburg is small, but beautiful and counts 250
monuments and several musea. Around the year 1400 the old town was
transformed to a fortified city with a straight street pattern by the
Duke of Gelre. See https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elburg_(stad) for
more info.
Large parts of the old city walls are still visible.
So-called muurhuizen (wall houses) have been built against the walls
which helped in keeping the walls. Because hardly
any industry came to life in Elburg, the city remained as it was.
To phrase Johan Cruijff: ieder nadeel heb z'n voordeel.

In the past 1.5 years many sand sculptures have been created in an old
factory near the harbour of Elburg. Many
carvers have worked many months to create a huge variety of figures
and scenes, mostly based on the religious history (e.g, Beeldenstorm).
The result is really outstanding; it greatly surpassed our
expectations. The sculptures are beautiful ranging from huge pharaos
and buildings to very tiny people walking on a path. The amount of
detail is marvellous. But there is more than the sculptures. The designers
have used a lot of other attributes such as boats, engines, doors of
locks (sluizen) and many more to enrich the exhibition. It indeed
makes it very enjoyable.

All of us were very enthusiastic and we strongly recommend other
people to pay a visit to Elburg (we don't get a bonus or so :-).
Copyright: Ger van Diepen, Yan Grange, Bram Veenboer
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