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RadioAstron AGN working group meeting in Dwingeloo

Submitter: Gina Maffey and Leonid Gurvits
Description: Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) constitute a sizeable part of the RadioAstron Space VLBI science programme. Over the operational period 2011–2019, RadioAstron together with more than 40 Earth-based radio telescopes conducted several hundred observations of AGN at wavelengths of 18, 6 and 1.3 cm. During the week of 6 – 10 May, the RadioAstron AGN working group got together at JIVE for an intense “jam session” aiming at sharing experiences in data processing, putting in order large amounts of data of which a significant fraction is still to be analysed and charting next steps in making the results of the programme available to the scientific community. Among scientific highlights of the programme are multiple detections of extremely high brightness values in many AGN, hints on manifestations of refractive substructures in the cores of bright quasars, and enigmatic properties of polarised radio emission of ultra-compact extragalactic radio sources. The week was a sure success! This is clearly seen in the smiles of the working group members standing in front of the landmark Dwingeloo 25 metre radio telescope.

Image credits:
•RadioAstron AGN WG photo: Gina Maffey and JIVE;
•RadioAstron Spektr-R spacecraft: Lavochkin Scientific and Production Association;
•Radio image of the source 3C 84 obtained with RadioAstron and a network of Earth-based radio telescopes at 1.3 cm, Giovannini et al. 2018, Nature Astronomy, volume 2, p. 472–477.
Copyright: JIVE
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