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Colloquium (20 June 2019): Tracing Galactic magnetic fields with diffuse radio polarisation

Submitter: Alec Thomson (ANU)
Description: Magnetic fields pervade the interstellar medium (ISM) of galaxies. These fields lock into the ionised phases of the ISM, forming the magneto-ionic medium, and provide significant inputs of energy. By studying the magnetic properties of the Milky Way we are able to study the interactions between components of the ISM in the greatest detail. I will present results from observations of diffuse polarised radio emissions, made with the Parkes 64m telescope. Specifically, I will discuss using the S-band Polarisation All Sky Survey (S-PASS) and the Global Magneto-Ionic Medium Survey (GMIMS) to trace magneto-ionic structures. As the Galaxy itself is a significant source of polarised emission, the diffuse polarised radio sky is rich in information on the Galactic magnetic field across large angular scales.
Copyright: GMIMS consortium and Wolleben et al. (2019)
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