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Solargraph at the Dwingeloo Telescope

Submitter: Tammo Jan Dijkema
Description: This image shows a solargraph taken from July till December 2020. It was created with a pinhole camera, in this case a tin can, with a tiny hole in it, with a piece of photo paper inside. I tied this can to one of the dead trees in the garden in July, and took it down on December 21, winter solstice. (It would have been better to start the exposure at summer solstice on June 21, however getting MT permission to put up a camera took a bit longer than expected.)

The trails across the image show the path of the Sun; the high trails are the path in the summer and the low ones in the winter.

This image also shows that the telescope has not moved a lot in the past year. That is of course unfortunate, but I trust that when covid is behind us also the telescope will start moving more often.

Making a solargraph camera is quite easy and cheap, instructions can be found here. I used a ready made tin can with photo paper inside.
Copyright: CC-BY-4.0 Tammo Jan Dijkema
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