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Goodbye Aspirant Senior Paul

Submitter: Henk Mulder
Description: Time flies.. when Geert Kuper got his pension it took two people on different ends of the spectrum to replace him. One of the two was Paul, he joined us in 2016, and has been a part of the operator group for more than four years now.

We really loved working with him, you can talk to him for hours. Even your whole shift, and he will never tire.. or respond, some days. He also keeps going until he finds the problem, and automates the living daylights out of it when he does, so the issue will not be seen again. He is a person who will really take his time to teach and explain something in detail, once, so pay attention.

There is also not a procedure he has not followed to the letter. If he had the shift after you, Sundays you would do a little extra work to comb through your elog entries to avoid seeing GOAT MESS coming by on Slack Monday mornings.

Paul, we hope you have enjoyed working here as much as we have working with you. Maybe in a few years we will see you on the news as the next Bitcoin millionaire. We are sad to see you go, but we hope you find a place where you can feel as stable as you did in the control-room with us. As you have said to us so many times as we walked out the control-room door: Bedankt voor je inzet!
Copyright: Henk Mulder, Richard Blaauw, Jurjen Sluman
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