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[Wednesday at 10:00] EVN Seminar: X-ray binaries unveiled by very high resolution radio imaging

Submitter: Benito Marcote on behalf of the EVN Seminars O.C.
Description: A new edition of the EVN Online Seminars will take place on Wednesday June 9 at 10:00.

Pikky Atri (from ASTRON) will be our speaker, and her talk would be focused on how studying black hole X-ray binaries with very high resolution enables us to understand how jets are formed and ejected.

For a summary of the talk:
Accreting X-ray binaries are excellent laboratories to study extreme physics in our universe and provide unique opportunities to understand exotic neutron stars and black holes. It is thought that black hole X-ray binaries are small-scale Active Galactic Nuclei whose radio jets vary on human timescales. High-resolution radio imaging and astrometry are powerful tools that allow us to directly probe into the evolution of these jets. In this talk, I will review the study of compact X-ray binaries and how Very Long Baseline Interferometry is enabling exciting breakthroughs in understanding their birth, evolution and advancing the search for new X-ray binary systems.

Please join via Zoom (Room ID: 885 4531 2932) or via YouTube (where the seminar will be streamed in real-time and stored for later view). For further information on the EVN Seminars, please look at the EVN website.
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