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EVN Seminar: Tying the Sky to the Ground

Submitter: Benito Marcote on behalf of the EVN Seminars O.C.
Description: A new edition of the EVN Online Seminars will take place this Friday July 9 at 15:00.

Iván Martí-Vidal (University of Valencia) will be our speaker, and his talk will be focused on how very high resolution observations enable high-precision astrometry and geodesy studies.

For a summary of the talk:
The technique of Astronomical Interferometry allows us achieve the highest spatial resolutions in the observation of the Universe, thanks to the perfect coordination of different radiotelescopes spread across the Earth's surface.

Besides the unbeatable spatial resolution, interferometry can also be used to estimate the locations of the sources on the sky, as well as the relative positions of the radiotelescopes, with precisions of a few tens of micro-arcseconds in the former and a few millimeters in the latter.

In this talk, we will discuss the use of interferometry techniques for high-precision Astrometry and Geodesy. We will review some key results and talk about on-going and future projects.

Please join via Zoom (Room ID: 885 4531 2932) or via YouTube (where the seminar will be streamed in real-time and stored for later view). For further information on the EVN Seminars, please look at the EVN website.
Copyright: JIVE & Iván Martí-Vidal
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