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The quiet Sun image in multiple frequencis

Submitter: A deep look at the Sun in the full radio window
Description: This image shows the quiet Sun in different radio frequencies (from 25 GHz-25 MHz). The solar atmosphere has a complex distribution of magnetic field, plasma density and temperature. These different properties of the solar atmosphere will result in radio emissions at different frequencies.

Low-frequency interferometric imaging provides a great viewing angle of the higher solar atmosphere, the imaging spectroscopy features are key to diagnose the physical properties of the plasma. Recent results of quiet Sun imaging with LOFAR LBA have revealed unprecedented details of the Sun (2nd row in the image).

As LOFAR images of the Sun becomes more and more accurate, we start to reveal the details of the quiet Sun, this is fundamental to understand how the corona is significantly hotter than the solar photosphere. With LOFAR 2.0 we will be able to perform such studies using the LBA and HBA simultaneously, allowing a full understanding of the low and high Corona, together with the non-thermal radio bursts generated by flares and CMEs.

For more info see: https://arxiv.org/abs/2205.00065
Copyright: CC-BY (Peijin Zhang)
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