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Back to the beginning with MeerGas

Submitter: Erwin de Blok
Description: Last March the ERC Advanced Grant MeerGas team led by Erwin de Blok had its first in-person busy week. MeerGas is a project to detect gas accretion using ultra-deep neutral hydrogen (HI) observation of nearby galaxies with the South-African MeerKAT telescope.

This was the first time since the start of the project in October 2020 that it was possible for the entire team to meet in person without any restrictions. During the busy week a visit was made to Radio Kootwijk, the former site of the Kootwijk Wurzburg dish that was used in the detection of the HI signal in the 1950s and where it therefore all began.

The picture shows the Turfberg site where the dish was originally located, with a black-and-white photograph of the dish superimposed at approximately the right size and location. Admiring the dish are (from left to right) MeerGas postdocs Filippo Maccagni and Julia Healy, and MeerGas PhD student Simone Veronese.
Copyright: Picture by Erwin de Blok
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