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Open Source Hardware Conference and ESO visit in Munich

Submitter: Reinier van der Walle & Steven van der Vlugt
Description: We (Reinier and Steven) joined the ORCONF 2023 in Munich. This is a conference from the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation (FOSSi) where people from academia, industry and personal interest meet to exchange developments in open source hardware. This ranges from open tooling for ASIC design to open FPGA development tooling and open firmware IP.

During the conference we presented about ASTRON and how we use and develop open hardware, firmware and software in our systems. We presented our open radioHDL tooling and HDL for FPGA development. Also, a demonstration of the PowerSensor3, that we are developing together with the NLeSC, was received with interest.

During the conference we met many enthusiastic people and took away some interesting developments regarding e.g. test and validation tooling. The program of the conference can be found at orconf.org, all talks were recorded and made available on the FOSSi YouTube channel: youtube.com/@FOSSiFoundation

We combined the trip to Munich with a visit to ESO. We presented a lunch talk about the GPU correlator study that we are conducting for ALMA and afterwards met to discuss about several ongoing projects between ESO and ASTRON. It was a very valuable trip!
Copyright: Reinier van der Walle (ASTRON)
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