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Colloquium: Exploring the radio emission of Ultracool Dwarfs with VLBI

Submitter: Rob Kavanagh
Description: The field of compact radio emission in objects with spectral type later than M7 (ultracool dwarfs; UCDs) is vastly unexplored, with only a few successful detections. However, VLBI observations can provide unique insights in UCDs’ magnetospheres, star-planet interactions, unveil the presence of companions via astrometric measurements of the reflex motion, test evolutionary models via dynamical mass determination in binary systems, and much more. In this session, we will examine the latest results on VLBI efforts of UCDs, which have revealed magnetic structures in these objects akin to the Van Allen belts. We will also take a sneak peek into novel VLBI detections showcasing distinctive radio-emitting behaviors in various UCDs, including a T6 object. Join us to explore the mysteries of ultracool dwarfs’ radio emission at the highest angular resolution.
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