12/02/2019 The first public data release (HALOGAS-DR1) has been released today! Check out the Data page for more information and to access the data products.

20/04/2013 The final HALOGAS observation at WSRT completed today! Also, the publications page has been updated.

27/11/2010 The HALOGAS Pilot Survey paper has been accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics! See the Publications page.

16/03/2010 You can now download a poster showing the 13 HALOGAS galaxies observed so far; see the Data page!

04-05/02/2010 HALOSTARS observations at INT successful!

07/06/2009 The full HALOGAS survey has been accepted by the WSRT PC! Observations begin soon.

10/12/2008 The pilot survey has been granted observing time, and the observations are underway!