ASTRON is composed of four departments. Together with prof. Carole Jackson, general & scientific director of ASTRON, and with dr. Marco de Vos, deputy director general of ASTRON, they form the institute's Management Team. Below you find contact details.

General and Scientific DirectorProf. Carole JacksonManagement Assistant
Dpt. Director GeneralDr Marco de VosManagement Assistant
Institute ManagementDr Gert KruithofManagement Assistant
Astronomy & OperationsVacantSecretary A&O
Innovation & SystemsDrs Roelien AttemaSecretary I&S

Latest tweets

We have completed the design of DISTURB, a solar radio telescope that warns us of solar eruptions.

Daily image of the week: This summer we held a workshop Open-Source Software Lifecycles as part of the ESCAPE project.

Throwback Thursday (14-09-1995): The 25th anniversary of the Westerbork Synthese Radio Telescoop (WSRT).

Throwback Thursday (10-09-1991): The real start of SKA.
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