The three scientists who have to defend the honour of the academic world are astronomer Marijke Haverkorn (ASTRON), winner of a Vidi-award of NWO, mathematician Remco van der Hofstad, and professor in sensor systems Albert van den Berg, also winner of the biggest scientific prize in the Netherlands: the Spinoza award.

The three journalists, who challenge the scientific team, are Harmke Pijpers, presenter at BNR News radio, Harm Ede Botje of Vrij Nederland and Hassnae Bouazza. She writes for the newspapers NRC and the Volkskrant. The National Science Quiz 2010 will be presented by Lottie Hellingman and Rob van Hattum.

The National Science Quiz 2010 will be broadcast on Sunday evening 26 December at 21.15 hours on  Nederland 2.

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