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Astronomers discuss future of Space VLBI in Dwingeloo

On 17-19 October 2022, JIVE and ASTRON co-hosted the 3rd Next Generation VLBI workshop (ngSVLBI-3) in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands. The hybrid workshop was attended both in-person and remotely by about 90 participants from all over the world.

Published by the editorial team, 14 November 2022

The ngSVLBI-3 workshop focused on the future of high-resolution radio interferometry in Space as a natural space-borne extension of advanced existing and prospective Earth-based facilities (Global VLBI, EHT and ngEHT, LOFAR) and Space VLBI missions VSOP and RadioAstron.

The presentations at the workshop covered a range of science topics from detection of cosmological inhomogeneities of the atomic hydrogen distribution in the early Universe to enigmatic processes in the immediate vicinity of supermassive black holes.

You can read more about the ngSVLBI-3 here.



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