SDCO group uitje

© Cees Bassa/Roberto Pizzo/Gemma Janssen

On Thursday 17 November, the SDCO went on their second group uitje of 2022.

First on the programme: a walk-with-horses event in the Dwingelderveld with coffee, tea and snacks half-way. Everyone got to ride in turn, which for some was the very first time on horseback. Zonnetij's Rocco and Flap happily (ab)used that, and increased their daily intake of grass and horse cookies significantly. Some follow-up leadership course with the horses may be on the list for next time!

After the exercising outside, the day was closed off with a very nice dinner at the recently opened restaurant Tante Ans in Ansen. Their Italian pizza chef was very quick to notice familiar language sounds from the diner room, and came from the kitchen to share the latest news from Italy. Some special versions of certain items on the menu were prepared: pomodori freschi were a must-add on Michiel's pizza, and the amazing Pizza Iacobelli may become a regular item on the menu.

All in all, it was very nice day. The group got to know each other better, some learnt new skills, and despite the very Dutch weather, everyone had great fun! Disclaimer: no horses were hurt in this effort (and no comment otherwise).

Telescope picture from left to right: Gemma, Rocco, Sander, Michiel, Hanno, Flap, Roberto, Manu, Marco, Vlad. Not in picture: Aras

Submitter: Gemma Janssen

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