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Today's Colloquium: LOFAR's UHEP mode, NuMoon, and the global search for extremely energetic cosmic particles (Clancy James, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)

Submitter: Colloquium
Description: The Lunar technique of Askaryan and Dagkesamansii and Zheleznykh is a method to detect extremely energetic cosmic particles - neutrinos and cosmic-rays - interacting in the Moon with ground-based radio-telescopes. This is the technique for which LOFAR's ultra-high energy particle (UHEP) mode is being developed, and which the NuMoon collaboration - part of the Cosmic Rays KSP - will use to detect, or place limits on, a flux of extremely energetic particles around 10^22 eV. In this talk I will describe the Lunar technique, and how it compares with other experiments searching for cosmic particles at extreme energies, such as Auger, ANITA, IceCube, and ARA. The planned NuMoon observations using LOFAR's UHEP mode will be described, and I will describe the prospects for using this technique with the Square Kilometre Array.

Shown in the image above is a photo of Parkes taken in '95 during the first Lunar ADZ observation
Copyright: Clancy James
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