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Today's colloquium: The first year of science with VLT/X-shooter

Submitter: Colloquium
Description: Speaker: Lex Kaper (Anton Pannekoek Institute, UvA)

X-shooter is the most powerful optical-to-near-infrared spectrograph in the world. X-shooter covers the full wavelength range from 300 - 2500 nm in one shot. The near-infrared arm has been designed and constructed in the Netherlands; a major fraction of the work has been carried out by the NOVA optical-infrared group hosted by ASTRON.

Since its installment on the ESO Very Large Telescope in October 2009, X-shooter is the second most demanded instrument (of the 15 available) of the VLT. An overview will be given of the first scientific results of this world-class instrument, ranging from the coolest pair of brown dwarfs and forming massive stars in the Galaxy to gamma-ray bursts at the edge of the visible Universe.

In the image you see the X-Shooter instrument mounted on the VLT UT2 (Kueyen) Cassegrain focus, accompanied by Paul Groot (left) and Lex Kaper (right).
Copyright: Lex Kaper
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