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A real-time experience with the EVN at JIVE

Submitter: Zsolt Paragi
Description: It is an exciting opportunity for the astronomers to be able to follow closely VLBI observations as they happen, and put their hands on the data as soon as possible. Especially so, when the next observing proposal deadline is getting close. The EVN and JIVE offer the possibility for researchers to visit the EVN correlator in Dwingeloo during real-time e-VLBI observations. With e-VLBI, the quick results help astronomers to carry out their research program in a more efficient way.

Roger Deane (PI) and Sandor Frey (co-I of another project) were visiting JIVE on 17 May, during the last e-VLBI run before the summer break. A group of JIVE experts assisted them. In fact they had to face a bit of a challenge this time because the cooling system of the correlator was misbehaving during the day. Mitigating similar problems in the future is one of the goals of the NEXPReS project, which will make data buffering possible during real-time observations.

In spite of the difficulties, Roger and Sandor had their pipelined data delivered during the next two days. We wish them all the best with their reasearch projects and eagerly wait for their great discoveries!
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