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Award ceremony at New Year's speeches

Submitter: Mischa Brendel
Description: A few of the pictures Joeri took from the prize winners, announced by Jessica Dempsey at the New Year's meeting on January 18th:
*) Outreach prize to Sjouke Kuindersma and Jorrit Siebenga for installing the renewed Milkt Way path;
*) Spot-light prize to ICT, Roderik van der Eb, Auke Klazema, Julian Kootstra, Siho Krul, Marc Luichjes, Merijn Martens, Mike Sipior, Brendan Tran, Henk Vosmeijer, and Yorian Worst for the migration to Office 365;
*) Daily image award to Lute van de Bult (picked up by Marco Drost) for the stunning sunrise at WSRT.

The prizes were hand crafted by Tin-Art.

A big congratulations to all of the winners!
Copyright: Joeri van Leeuwen
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