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Latest tweets

Another great achievement by @ehtelescope! Our new director @astroTui was involved as well, as a member of the #EHT team.

Every year on 4 May at 8 pm, our Westerbork telescope goes into a special mourning position to commemorate those who have fought for our freedom. This video, made together with @kampwesterbork, shows the dishes moving into position. https://youtu.be/nZacArKU5Ow
#4mei #dodenherdenking

Our 'holy grail' has been found again! The #Kootwijk dish, which stood at the origin of ASTRON, has been located at @museumdeelen! The dish, originally a #W├╝rzburg-Riese German radar dish, was the second telescope ever to detect the #hydrogen line.

Issue 10 of @SKAO's Contact Magazine has been published, featuring 3 articles related to ASTRON: 1 about our new director @astroTui, 1 about @LOFAR's massive data release, and 1 by our own @tammojan about @LOFAR imaging radio emissions of meteor showers.