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NL Radio Astronomy Community Day

Dear Colleagues,

The NRAAC (Netherlands Radio Astronomy Advisory Committee) is pleased to announce the NL Radio Astronomy Community Day 2022 - the first in what we intend to be an annual event.  After two years of Covid pandemic it will be especially nice to see each other in person!

The Community Day will be May 13th, from 10:00 - 16:30, including drinks and snacks at the end (a 'borrel').

The venue is the ASTRON Auditorium in Dwingeloo, and we strongly encourage you to join in person. The event will also be broadcast using Zoom.

With this community day, we aim to engage and inform the Dutch radio astronomy community (and other interested parties).  The day will feature scientific and technical updates from ILT/LOFAR, WSRT/Apertif, EVN/JIVE, ALMA/EHT and SKA.  Astronomers and engineers of all (academic) ages are encouraged to attend.  Through communication and coordination our community can continue to have a large impact globally.  We are looking forward to lively discussions and perhaps also new collaborations that will result from the community day.

Click here for a video recording of the event.

The programme can be found here.


Please get in contact with if you require transportation from the train station in Hoogeveen.

More about NRAAC: The Netherlands Radio Astronomy Advisory Committee (NRAAC) is a national committee whose aim is to optimise and help guide Dutch participation in radio astronomy.  NRAAC has representatives from all NOVA institutes, and ASTRON, as well as all the major radio astronomy projects that the Netherlands is participating in.  The committee serves to further the common good of radio astronomy in the Netherlands, with a focus towards
ILT/LOFAR, WSRT/Apertif, EVN/JIVE, ALMA and SKA.  This is achieved in three ways:
1) The NRAAC will inform the radio astronomy community in the Netherlands and streamline and cohere discussions on radio astronomy in the Netherlands.
2) The NRAAC will provide advice to the RvdA, on behalf of the radio astronomy community in the Netherlands.
3) The NRAAC will use its forums to optimise effective participation of the Dutch astronomical community in national and global radio astronomy.


Betsey Adams - ASTRON / WSRT/Apertif
Filippo Fraternali - Groningen
Michiel van Haarlem - ASTRON / SKA
Elmar Körding - Nijmegen
Jason Hessels - ASTRON/UvA / Chair NRAAC
Michiel Hogerheijde - Leiden / ALMA
Huib-Jan van Langevelde - JIVE
Raymond Oonk - SURF
Huub Röttgering - Leiden / LOFAR
Jacco Vink - Amsterdam
Ralph Wijers - Amsterdam / LOFAR
The ASTRON, JIVE and ILT/LOFAR Directors also have standing invitations to NRAAC meetings



May 13 2022


10:00 - 16:30


Oude Hoogeveensedijk 4, Dwingeloo

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