ASTRON-director Jessica Dempsey has been nominated for the Woman in the Media Award for Drenthe.

Published by the editorial team, 5 January 2023

This award opens up the path to winning the national Woman in the Media Award 2022. Dempsey was nominated for committing herself to giving girls more prospects to hold future leadership positions within science and technology. Although she did not win, we are still very proud that she has been nominated.

The Woman in the Media Awards are meant to increase the visibility of female experts in the media, who are still underrepresented there.

Women in science

From her first moment as director at ASTRON, Dempsey spoke out for getting more women into important positions in science. Recently, she also spoke out against the toxic working environment that has manifested itself in several places in the scientific community.

Besides keeping all of ASTRON's scientific discoveries in the foreground, Dempsey also doesn’t shy away from big societal issues, such as the energy crisis that is also hitting scientific institutes: “It’s certainly an existential crisis if these [price] increases continue.” She wants to put sustainability in a prominent place on the agenda.

She also wants to make ASTRON more visible and accessible to local talent and have children see it as an attractive future work environment.

People could vote for the Woman in the Media Award per province up until January 14th. The winner was announced on 17 January.


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