Over 300 engineers and scientists from 17 countries participate in the 2017 SKA Engineering Meeting, which takes place from 12 – 16 June in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This year’s meeting is organised by the SKA organisation in collaboration with ASTRON.

Published by the editorial team, 12 June 2017

The meeting will provide a global overview of the status, progress and way forward for the SKA project in terms of science, governance, engineering and management. Part of the meeting will be devoted to updates from the 12 international engineering consortia.

On Monday 12 June, Prof. Carole Jackson, Director-General of ASTRON, welcomed the participants to the Netherlands and Rotterdam: “We’re extremely pleased to welcome the SKA engineering community in the Netherlands and Rotterdam. The Netherlands has been involved in the SKA for many years and has a strong history of expertise in radio astronomy, making it a natural host for the meeting.”

On Sunday 11 June, ASTRON organised a visit to ASTRON and the LOFAR and WSRT facilities for engineers attending the meeting.


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