The ASTRON office is located about 3 kilometres from the village Dwingeloo. Dwingeloo is in the province of Drenthe in the northern of the Netherlands. ASTRON is situated next to the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, which is maintained and operated by the CAMRAS foundation. ASTRON is located in the middle of the National Park ‘Dwingelderveld’, a pleasant wooded area with miles of cycle paths. It is an excellent, restful location for scientists and engineers from around the world to come and work. Apart from the village of Dwingeloo that is within biking distance, the nearest towns (with a railway station) are Beilen (about 15 km) and Hoogeveen (about 20 km).

Guest house

The institute has a guest house with 10 rooms and a shared kitchen. Visitors are welcome to stay there. Please contact your host or the secretariat of your host's division to reserve a room in the guest house. Note that room reservations cannot be done via the guest house caretaker. If you have other, specific questions about the guesthouse, you can contact Ina Lenten. The rate is € 67 a day, which includes a supply of food (although you do have to cook it yourself!).


For more information about the guesthouse, click here.