ASTRON astronomer Marijke Haverkorn winner of the National Science Quiz 2010!

ASTRON astronomer Marijke Haverkorn winner of the National Science Quiz 2010!

Published by the editorial team, 27 December 2010

ASTRON astronomer Marijke Haverkorn has won the 17th edition of the National Science Quiz. In a team that included mathematician Remco van der Hofstad and Professor in sensor systems Albert van den Berg, she represented the academic world.

In 2009, Marijke Haverkorn received a Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) awarded to excellent scientific researchers. Remco van der Hofstad is a recipient of the NWO Vici grant, and Albert van den Berg was granted the highest scientific honour in the Netherlands in 2009: the Spinoza award.

The three scientists successfully competed against a team of journalists that consisted of Harmke Pijpers, Harm Ede Botje en Hassnae Bouazza.The teams had to answer fifteen challenging questions in order to win, but there was also an individual prize for the best competitor: a trip to Egypt for a week, including a visit to the archaeological excavation site of Saqqara.Marijke ended up as the individual winner of the overall competition.

Marijke Haverkorn: “It was great fun to participate. Of course I am happy to be the winner, but in the end it is all about showing how much fun science is. And of course the National Science Quiz is an excellent way to show the excitement, but also the fun, of science.”

The National Science Quiz 2010 was organised by the VPRO, in cooperation with the NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

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