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Astronomers discover ultra-fast radio bursts in archived data

An international team of researchers has discovered radio pulses that last only millionths of a second. With this, the team – led by Dutch Ph.D candidate Mark Snelders (ASTRON and University of Amsterdam) – have proven that previously discovered fast radio bursts (FRBs) can last even shorter than a thousandth of a second, giving life to the term ‘ultra-fast radio bursts’.

Published by the editorial team, 20 October 2023

Where FRBs are possibly caused by magnetic neutrons stars, the origin of ultra-fast radio bursts is still unknown. Snelders and his team published about their results in Nature Astronomy.

More details about the discovery are published on

Artist’s impression of the discovery of microsecond bursts. (c) Daniëlle Futselaar/


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