Langs het voormalige kamp Westerbork, het Hingsteveen en de radiosterrenwacht loopt het Melkwegpad.

Langs deze wandelroute staan de fascinerende wereld van het heelal en de grootste radiotelescopen van Europa centraal. Jong en oud leren spelenderwijs over de werking van de radiotelescopen, de Melkweg en ons zonnestelsel.

De wandelroute loopt tussen de parkeerplaats van Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork en de voet van de Westerbork telescoop.

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Congratulations to our former colleague and LOFAR scientist Heino Falcke with his prize! 🥳

How does a radio wave become a picture? Part II: Compact receivers. A radio wave that has travelled light years is picked up by a receiver on a telescope through an antenna. The (very weak) signal is then amplified and digitized. Read part 2 here:

How does a radio wave become a picture? Planets, stars and nebula’s all emit radio waves, which are a form of invisible light waves. Read here the first part on what happens to those radio waves when they are received by a radio telescope! 📡🌠

What's it like to work at ASTRON?
Project manager @PieterBenthem tells about his job, among which his work on the AAVS1 for the @SKA_telescope, of which LOFAR is a pathfinder project.