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PhD Opportunities

Students interested in obtaining a PhD in astronomy can do so under the supervision of ASTRON staff members. The students will be officially located at one of the Dutch Universities (Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Nijmegen) but will visit ASTRON regularly. You can contact our astronomy research staff to find out if there are any current openings.

PhD Theses


  • Cooper, A., 2022, University of Amsterdam
    Multi-messenger & multi-wavelength signature of compact object transients, PhD. Thesis
  • Jurlin, N., 2022, University of Groningen
    Timing the cycle of life and death of radio galaxies using LOFAR, PhD. Thesis
  • Kavanagh, R., 2022, University of Leiden
    Tuning into star-planet interactions at radio wavelengths, PhD. Thesis
  • Mancera Pina, P., 2022, University of Groningen
    Dark matter and angular momentum in nearby disc galaxies, PhD. Thesis
  • Murthy, S., 2022, University of Groningen
    A multifaceted view of the interplay between gas and radio AGN, PhD. Thesis
  • Nimmo, K., 2022, University of Amsterdam
    Zooming-in on the sources of fast radio transients, PhD. Thesis
  • Pastor-Marazuela, I., 2022, University of Amsterdam
    Exploring the link between neutron stars and fast radio bursts, PhD. Thesis
  • Rezaei Badafshani, S., University of Groningen
    Deep learning in high-angular resolution radio interferometry, PhD. Thesis


  • Gourdji, K., 2021, University of Amsterdam
    Fast radio bursts and the radio counterparts of neutron star mergers, PhD. Thesis
  • Gardenier, D.W., 2021, University of Amsterdam
    Studying fast radio bursts through population synthesis, PhD. Thesis


  • Kuiack, M.J., 2020: University of Amsterdam
    New methods and the discovery of diverse phenomena at low frequencies with AARTFAAC, PhD. Thesis
  • Oostrum, L.C., 2020: University of Amsterdam
    Fast Radio Bursts with Apertif, PhD. Thesis
  • Stacey, H.R., 2020: University of Groningen
    Through a lens darkly: magnified views of massive galaxy formation, PhD. Thesis
  • Xiaojin, L., 2020: University of Manchester
    Pulsar Timing with the Next Generation of Radio Telescopes, PhD. Thesis


  • Chatterjee, S., 2019: University of Groningen
    Gauging the inner mass power spectrum of early-type galaxies, PhD. Thesis
  • Gusinskaia, N., 2019: University of Amsterdam
    Probing gravity and accretion using neutron stars, PhD. Thesis
  • Hoang, D.N, 2019: Leiden University
    Cosmic particle acceleration by shocks and turbulence in merging galaxy clusters, PhD. Thesis
  • Jaodand, A., 2019: University of Amsterdam
    Unravelling the nature of transitional millisecond pulsars, PhD. Thesis
  • Salas, P., 2019: Leiden University
    A fresh view on carbon radio recombination lines powered by LOFAR, PhD. Thesis
  • Spingola, C., 2019: University of Groningen
    Gravitational lensing at milliarcsecond angular resolution, PhD. Thesis
  • De Vries, M., 2019: University of Amsterdam
    Feedback in clusters from nucleus to outskirts, PhD. Thesis


  • Brienza, M., 2018: University of Groningen
    The life cycle of radio galaxies as seen by LOFAR, PhD. Thesis
  • Kokotanekov, G.D., 2018: University of Amsterdam
    Joint radio and X-ray analysis of powerful feedback systems, PhD. Thesis
  • Maccagni, F., 2018: University of Groningen
    Cold gas in the center of radio-loud galaxies: New perspectives on triggering and feedback from HI absorption surveys and molecular gas, PhD. Thesis
  • Michilli, D., 2018: University of Amsterdam
    Discovery and characterisation of fast radio transients, PhD. Thesis
  • Mikhailov, K., 2018: University of Amsterdam
    The radio lighthouse from afar, PhD. Thesis
  • Santoro, F., 2018: University of Groningen
    The multi-phase ISM of radio galaxies: a spectroscopic study of ionized and warm gas, PhD. Thesis
  • Seethapuram Sridhar, S., 2018: University of Groningen
    Non-thermal emission and magnetic fields in nearby galaxies: A low-frequency radio continuum perspective, PhD. Thesis
  • Straal, S.M., 2018: University of Amsterdam
    Young Hidden Pulsars, PhD. Thesis
  • Bak Nielsen, A.S:, 2018: Leiden University
    The spin evolution of accreting and radio pulsars in binary systems, PhD. Thesis


  • Filippo Maccagni: Cold gas in the center of radio-loud galaxies: New perspectives on triggering and feedback from HI absorption surveys and molecular gas, 2017, Ph.D. Thesis




















  • Marc A.W. Verheijen, The Ursa Major cluster of galaxies, Kapteyn Institut, Groningen
  • Ignas A.G. SnellenA population study of faint Gigahertz peaked spectrum sources, Leiden Observatory


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