Meetings, Workshops, reports and public documents

These are links to possibly restricted areas concerning meetings and workshops taking place in the scope of LOFAR, and of reports and documents related to LOFAR. This page itself is public, but not all the links are.

LOFAR Ionospheric Workshop2016 June 2-3Warsaw
COBALT Critical Design Review 2013 Feb 28thASTRON
Agile/Scrum workshop for PWT on June 4th 20122012 June 4thDe Borken, Lhee
ILT Technical Operations meeting 20122012, April 17–18Onsala
ILT Technical Operations meeting 20112011, April 11-12Dwingeloo
HDF5 File Format 2-day Meeting2010 Sept 9-10UvA, Amsterdam
Epoch of Reionization2010 April 13-15Kapteyn Institute
ILT Technical Operations meeting 20102010, March 23Dwingeloo
LOFAR Technical Status Meeting18-19 May 2009ASTRON, Dwingeloo
GSM meeting seriesVariousASTRON, Dwingeloo
MSSS meeting seriesVariousASTRON, Dwingeloo
Young LOFAR Meetings (Old version)ManyVarious
TBB DAQ Busy Week2009 Mar 30 – Apr 03 ASTRON, Dwingeloo
Data processing school2009 Feb 10–12Dwingeloo, The Netherlands
LOFAR and the Transient Radio Sky2008 Dec 15–17Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Astrophysics with E-LOFAR2008 Sep 16–19Hamburg, Germany
The LOFAR Calibratabality workshop2007 Oct 15–26Dwingeloo, The Netherlands
Workshop on LOFAR Re-scope2007 Sep 17Unknown
KSP Synergy meeting2007 May 25Amsterdam
Astrophysics in the LOFAR era2007 April 23–27Emmen, The Netherlands
LOFAR Long baseline science workshop2006 May 15–16ASTRON, Dwingeloo

Key Science Projects

Solar 4th Workshop 2010 Nov 8–9Potsdam
Epoch of Reionization Plenary meeting2014 June 23–25Italy
Cosmic Rays ???
Surveys Workshop2009 June 17–19Edinburgh
Transients TKP Meetings2014 September 9 & 10Manchester
Cosmic Magnetism ??2012 May 29 – June 1Gothenburg

Other Groups

LIONS?2008 Sep ??Hamburg
Tied Array Modewise<at>astron.nl2008 May 22Dwingeloo
GLOWGLOW Annual Meeting2009 July 2–3Garching
Intl. NetworkFrankfurt2009 Sep 14Frankfurt Airport
Single StationFirst LOFAR Single Station Meeting2009 Sep 30Effelsberg
Single StationSecond LOFAR Single Station Meeting2010 Jan 21Bochum
Single StationThird LOFAR Single Station Meeting2011Oxford
Single StationFourth LOFAR Single Station Meeting2012 May 09Nançay
Single StationFifth LOFAR Single Station Meeting2013 March 21Dalfsen
Single StationSixth LOFAR Single Station Meeting2014 October 15-16Dwingeloo
Single StationSeventh LOFAR Single Station Meeting2016 April 4-7Zandvoort

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