International stations

LOFAR attracts a growing community that also would like to contribute to the LOFAR adventure. This is the general information page for the (potential) international partners of LOFAR.

A document has been drafted detailing the site requirements, the placement and the layout of a LOFAR station on an LOFAR site in countries outside the Netherlands (stations in the Netherlands have a different layout). This document tries to address a lot of questions that we are frequently asked.

If you have more questions, you would like to visit us or you would like us to visit you, please contact Corina Vogt (vogt<at>

At the moment, there are the following countries planning to add station to LOFAR or have them already funded:

  • Germany - Six stations funded and completed (Effelsberg, Garching, Potsdam, Tautenburg, Juelich, Hamburg [DE601,DE602, DE603, DE604, DE605, DE609)
  • UK - One station funded and completed (Chilbolton) [UK608]
  • France - One station funded and completed (Nancay) [FR606]
  • Sweden - One station funded and completed (Onsala) [SE607]
  • Finland - One prototype-station funded and completed (Kilpisjärvi) for ESICAT testing, not ILT condected [Kaira]
  • Poland - Three stations funded and completed (Lazy near Krakow, Baldy near Olsztyn, Borowiec near Poznan) [PL610, PL611, PL612]
  • Ireland - One funded and completed [IE613]
  • Latvia - One station funded and completed [LV614]
  • Italy - One station planned

On Google Maps that looks like (green: funded station, yellow: funded but no place found yet, red: planned station):


On the uv-plane this looks like:

At the various countries that are already involved in LOFAR, consortia exist. The contact details for the people in these countries being involved in LOFAR can be found below:

  • Netherlands:
  • Germany: German Long Wavelength Consortium (GLOW)
    • As of 2008 May 06:
    • Chair: Ralf-Juergen Dettmar (dettmar<at>
    • Vice-chair: Marcus Brueggen (m.brueggen<at>
    • Secretary: Matthias Hoef(hoeft<at>
    • Technical Working Group Chair: N.A.
    • Scientific Working Group Chair: Benedetta Ciardi (ciardi<at>
    • KSP Contact List
      • EoR: Benedetta Ciardi (ciardi<at>
      • Surveys: Marcus Brueggen (m.brueggen<at>
      • Transients: Jochen Eisloeffel (jochen<at>
      • Cosmic Rays: ???
      • Cosmic Magnetism: Rainer Beck (PI) (rbeck<at>
      • Solar: Gottfried Mann (PI) (GMann<at>
    • ARC Representatives
      • Rainer Beck (rbeck<at>
        • Benedetta Ciardi, alternate (ciardi<at>
    • LOFAR TWG Representatives
      • (is this outdated?)
      • Christian Vocks, Solar KSP, (vocks<at>
    • LAD Representatives
      • Rainer Beck, Magnetism KSP, (rbeck<at>
      • Christian Vocks, Solar KSP, (vocks<at>
        • Gottfried Mann, alternate, Magnetism KSP, (GMann<at>
    • Station Contact List
      • DE601 (Effelsberg) Andreas Horneffer (lofar-ops<at>
      • DE602 (Garching) Benedetta Ciardi (ciardi<at>
      • DE603 (Tautenburg) Jochen Eisloeffel (jochen<at>
      • DE604 (Potsdam) Gottfried Mann (PI) (GMann<at>
      • DE605 (Juelich) Marcus Brueggen (m.brueggen<at>
  • UK:
    • LOFAR-UK is a consortium of 23 partner universities and research laboratories.
    • Project leaders: Philip Best (UK-ATC, current chairman)
    • Station Contact List
      • UK608 (Chilbolton) (lofar-obs<at>
  • France:
    • Station Contact List
      • FR606 (Nancay) Jean-Mathias Griessmeier (jean-mathias.griessmeier<at>
  • Sweden:
    • The Swedish LOFAR station at Onsala is owned and operated by Onsala Space Observatory. The LOFAR-Sweden consortium consists of individual members at Swedish universities and research institutes.
  • Poland:
  • Latvia:
  • Italy:
  • Ireland
  • Finland
    • KAIRA (Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array)
    • Organisation: Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
    • Station Contact List
      • KAIRA (Kilpisjärvi) Project Team (karia<at>
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