LOFAR opens up low-frequency universe - and starts new SETI search

The Low Frequency Array (LOFAR), a new pan-European radio astronomy facility, has started mapping the Universe at very low energy wavelengths.

ASTRON and NWO organise International SKA Forum 2010

ASTRON , together with the NWO, will organise and host the third International SKA Forum on Tuesday 15 June in the province of Drenthe.

e-VLBI reveals missing link between Supernovae-Gamma Ray Burst explosions

An international team of scientists, including several astronomers from the JIVE and ASTRON, both located in Dwingeloo, have observed a supernova with peculiar radio emission.

Astronomers are finding millisecond pulsars faster than ever

ASTRON astronomers are part of an international team that is discovering the exotic stars known as "millisecond pulsars" at an astonishing rate.

ERC Advanced Grant for astronomer Ralph Wijers

Prof. dr. Ralph Wijers, astronomer of the Astronomical Institute 'Anton Pannekoek' of the UvA, has received an Advanced Grant of the ERC.

LOFAR maps the radio sky at Effelsberg

Scientists at the Max Planck Institut for Radio Astronomy have made the first LOFAR "all-sky" images in the 110 to 190 MHz range.

EXPReS hailed as "extraordinarily successful" to SKA design

The European Commission concluded their final review of EXPReS, hailing the project as "extraordinarily successful" .

e-EVN aids detection "extremely prolific supernova factory"

e-EVN was critical in the detection of an "extremely prolific supernova factory" in the buried nucleus of a starburst galaxy last year.

Vidi grant for ASTRON astronomer Marijke Haverkorn

Marijke Haverkorn, astronomer at ASTRON, has received a Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, NWO.

Special prize for radio astronomy’s contribution to WiFi

John O'Sullivan from the Australian CSIRO has been awarded the Australian Prime Ministers Special Prize in Science for 2009.

Over 800 people visited Astronomy Day Dwingeloo

Yesterday, during the Astronomy Day Dwingeloo, over 800 people visited the Planetron, CAMRAS and ASTRON.

Planetron, CAMRAS & ASTRON organise Sterrendag Dwingeloo

Many interesting questions surrounding astronomy will be answered during the Sterrendag Dwingeloo (Star Day Dwingeloo).

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Many of ASTRON's scientific discoveries were made with the Dwingeloo radio telescope. To tell you a bit more about this, we have published the second video in our virtual tour.

Daily image of the week. To enrich the exhibition of Nebra sky disc at the @DrentsMuseum, ASTRON hosted a stand outside, demonstrating how we explore the universe nowadays, compared to how people did this 3,500 years ago (when the Nebra disc was made).

This week is #Pride Week. A more #diverse workforce fuels creativity, compassion, understanding, and the feeling of kinship and inclusion. At ASTRON we highly value diversity and make constant efforts to increase the diversity of our workforce.

Op 7 en 14 augustus staan we voor het @DrentsMuseum, dat de #Nebraschijf, een van de oudste sterrenkaarten ter wereld tentoonstelt. ASTRON-onderzoeker @AndreOffringa geeft binnen een lezing en wij doen voor het museum wat leuke proefjes. Hopelijk tot dan!