Planetron, CAMRAS & ASTRON organise Sterrendag Dwingeloo

Many interesting questions surrounding astronomy will be answered during the Sterrendag Dwingeloo (Star Day Dwingeloo).

ASTRON in Science magazine and Physics World

ASTRON has appeared in Science Magazine and Physics World with two articles about LOFAR.

LOFAR observes across borders

An international group of astronomers have succeeded in the first joint observations between the LOFAR stations in Exloo and Effelsberg.

Spacegirls present extraordinary space project at ASTRON

On Thursday 10 September, ASTRON welcomes Anne, Esther, Iris, Jessica, Malou, Mirthe and Sophie, from Assen.

ASTRON astronomers make light work of pulsars!

ASTRON Astronomers Joeri van Leeuwen and Jason Hessels won the ‘Enlighten Your Research' competition of SURFNet.

ASTRON creates new nature reserve in Drenthe

Astronomy can produce fascinating and unexpected results: a completely new nature reserve resulting from the building of a telescope.

ASTRON’s new LOFAR telescope shows first fringes

A team of astronomers and engineers at ASTRON has successfully detected correlated interferometric radio signals from the sky with the first full-scale LOFAR stations.

Spacegirls win Dutch space competition CanSat

The Spacegirls from Assen, have won the national space competition for high school students, called CanSat.

An exploding star in an "exploding" galaxy

Discovery of radio supernova SN 2008iz in the nearby starburst galaxy M82

"Missing Link" reveals birth of a radio millisecond pulsar

As part of an international team of astronomers, ASTRON astronomers Jason Hessels and Joeri van Leeuwen have discovered a unique binary star system.

Most distant detection of water in the Universe

Astronomers have found the most distant signs of water in the Universe to date.

10 Million Euro for RadioNet FP7!

RadioNet FP7 has grown, now involving 26 partners from 13 different countries, contributing effort to 18 independent work packages.

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Burgemeester @JagerRikus van @gem_westerveld nam deze mooie nieuwjaarstoespraak o.a. bij ASTRON op!

Hij noemt o.a. ons nieuwe #WDL (, onze nieuwe directeur @astroTui en waardering voor de mensen met een afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt die bij ons werken.

Daily Image of the Week: Two ERC Starting Grants awarded to (space) weather research projects with the LOFAR radio telescope

Deadline for applications for our summer research proramme is 31 January 2022!

For all information see or the AAS website:

🎉We are proud! Two ERC Starting Grands awarded to ASTRON employees Brian Hare & Harish Vedantham!

One project will use @LOFAR to create detailed images of lightning, the other aims to detect space weather events & magnetic fields around exoplanets: