Visit Dwingeloo (HQ)

Visit Dwingeloo (HQ)

Attention: roadworks ASTRON HQ

In the image there are two routes for two different phases of the roadworks (download high res pdf)


Phase 1: Febr. 10 – Febr. 16, 2020.
During this week the junction between the main road through Lhee, Bosrand and Oude Hoogeveensedijk will be renewed. Because of this, traffic will be redirected via the dirt road along the sheepfold and Achter ‘t Zaand to the Spieriger weg and v.v.

Phase 2: Febr. 17 – mid. March, 2020.
The renewal of the main road through Lhee continues, but the aforementioned junction will be ready for use. Traffic will be redirected via the Bosrand, Rundveenweg, Bokkebunstweg, Lhee and v.v.
The roadworks schedule will be reviewed during the phase following mid. March. Due to weather and potential archeological conditions it’s not possible to make a definitive schedule at this moment.

It’s not allowed to use the dirt road that runs from the Oude Hoogeveensedijk along the camping site “De Zonnetij” as a diversion route. This is (partially) not a public road and not municipally owned.

Attentie: wegwerkzaamheden bij ASTRON HQ

In de afbeelding zijn twee alternatieve routes voor twee fases in de wegwerkzaamheden te zien.

Periode 1 is van 10 tot 16 februari 2020.
In deze week wordt de splitsing van de wegen Lhee, Bosrand en Oude Hoogeveensedijk opgeknapt. De omleiding is daarom via de zandweg langs de schaapskooi en Achter 't Zaand naar de Spieriger weg en v.v.

Periode 2 is van 17 februari tot medio maart 2020.
In deze periode wordt de weg Lhee verder aangepakt, maar is voornoemde splitsing weer voor gebruik gereed. De omleiding gaat dan via de Bosrand, Rundveenweg, Bokkebunstweg, Lhee en v.v.

In de periode na medio maart wordt de planning opnieuw bekeken. De planning kan nu namelijk niet definitief gemaakt worden i.v.m. het weer en de mogelijke archeologische omstandigheden.

De zandweg vanaf de Oude Hoogeveensdijk langs camping "De Zonnetij" mag niet gebruikt worden als omleidingsroute. Dit is nl. (deels) geen openbare weg en niet van de gemeente.

Traveling to Dwingeloo by train

If you arrive by train, you can use the time table of the Dutch trains.
The nearest station to ASTRON is Hoogeveen (or Beilen if you come from the north).

From ‘Schiphol' - to ‘Hoogeveen' of from ‘Hoogeveen' to ‘Schiphol'.

Two options:

1) Recommended: from/to Schiphol/Hoogeveen by switching trains in ‘Zwolle'. Note that the arrival and departure platforms in Zwolle are not close to each other; however there is sufficient time for the transfer.

Important: make sure you take the ‘Sprinter' train from Zwolle to Groningen; this one makes a stop in Hoogeveen. The Intercity train does not stop in Hoogeveen and then you need to get out in Assen, which is much further away from ASTRON (and get back to Hoogeveen).

2) From/to Schiphol/Hoogeveen by switching trains in ‘Meppel'.  You can leave the train in Meppel and usually at the same platform wait for the next train to arrive (either direction Zwolle for Schiphol or direction Groningen for Hoogeveen).

Purchasing train tickets - at ticket machines or in advance via website

At Amsterdam Schiphol airport or any other railway station you should buy a train ticket (ticket has a chip) from the machine. These ticket machines accept creditcards  (Visa and Mastercard). Machines accept most debit cards with a Maestro logo.

IMPORTANT: when you go in and out of a train you must check in and out at the machines at the entrance of the train. 

In case you want to buy a train ticket in advance, please visit

Taxi from Hoogeveen railway station to ASTRON

From the station, you will either need a "friend" to pick you up or a taxi to take you to the institute. A taxi can be booked by ASTRON (strongly recommended). If you need a taxi, the secretariat or your host who is dealing with your visit will arrange a taxi for you. The institute reception (phone 0521-595100 during office hours) can also arrange a taxi for you. The price of the taxi ride is € 34,65 from Hoogeveen or Beilen; payment preferably in cash.

The taxi will be waiting for you outside the station: "Taxi Ellerie" is advertised on the taxi. The taxi driver will know the name of the expected guest and have a sign "ASTRON/JIVE" on view in the taxi.

Please note, that in case you requested ASTRON to book a taxi for you and you won't be able to arrive on time, we kindly ask you to inform the taxi company or ASTRON as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will have to send you an invoice for the costs of not showing up.

Bus Transfer from Hoogeveen railway station to ASTRON

There is a bus transfer between the train station of Hoogeveen and ASTRON Dwingeloo for employees and visitors. Recently we implemented a booking system for the bus in order to improve the service. As from July 2, 2018 the bus will only be available if there are bookings. Bookings can be made via Please indicate from which direction you arrive (Groningen or Zwolle) and if you have a ticket. Tickets for the bus can be purchased at the reception desk of ASTRON and will cost 5 euros each. The ticket is valid for a one way trip and needs to be handed to the driver. In case you don't have a ticket you can buy it on arrival.

The bus will be available from Monday till Thursday at 9:40 in the morning from the Hoogeveen train station and at 16:30 and 17:30 from ASTRON (Oude Hoogeveensedijk 4, Dwingeloo) to Hoogeveen railway station.

Bookings for the morning transfer should be made the day before at 16:30 ultimately.

If you have any questions please contact the reception.

Arriving at the guesthouse 

If you arrive at the guesthouse outside office hours, you will get the phone number of the taxi company so you can contact them in case of a change in your arrival time. Upon arrival at the guesthouse, the taxi driver will accompany you to make sure that you can enter the guesthouse and have access to your room. Then he/she will leave. You will receive instructions on how to enter the guesthouse outside office hours from the secretariat taking care of your visit. More information about the guesthouse and its facilities can be found here or by clicking the ‘accommodation' link.

Traveling to Dwingeloo by car

How to reach ASTRON and JIVE also available in pdf-format in Dutch and English language.

Exit highway A28 using exit 29 for Spier, Dwingeloo and Wijster. Take direction Dwingeloo. After about 5 kilometers, turn left at the sign 'Lhee 1'. After entering "Lhee" take the second way to the left. Follow this way. The institute is located in the woods, at about a kilometer distance from your last turn. The ASTRON institute is surrounded by a restricted access zone. Visitors are advised to park their cars outside the zone (and walk to our buildings), or to announce their arrival in advance (call the institute reception at 0521-595 100 during office hours) because we'll need to know your car's license number. Failure to follow these procedures may result in a fine. 

Traveling by bike

If you arrive by train and want to use a bike to go to the Dwingeloo or Westerbork location, you can use the "Fietsrouteplanner provincie Drenthe" page from the Dutch Cyclists' Union. From the nearest station  you can make your own route.

From Beilen station, it is a 12 kilometre bike ride to either Westerbork or Dwingeloo. The trip from the Hoogeveen station to Dwingeloo is about 11km. Both stations of Beilen and Hoogeveen have bike rentals and "ov-fietsen".