• 26 Intel Xeon Gold Skylake-SP 6140 CPUs
  • 96 GByte RAM per CPU
  • 26 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs
  • 100 Gbps EDR InfiniBand Technology

Compute Power:

  • 63 TFLOPS of CPU compute power
  • 360 TFLOPS of GPU compute power

COBALT2.0 can receive more than 1 Terabits per second (more than 30 billion samples) from the LOFAR stations and process them in real time. It offers significant extra capacity both in terms of network bandwidth and compute power. The extra capacity will be used for data quality improvements.

The increased efficiency and capabilities of LOFAR resulting from COBALT2.0 will lead to new discoveries to help us unravel the mysteries of the Universe.