Introduction to the LOFAR Wiki

This page contains the introduction to the LOFAR Wiki and the guidelines to use it. Users must be familiar with the guidelines before adding or updating information in this Wiki.

A Wiki is a place to share information among a group of people. Information is not created by itself; instead, some people must create the information so other people can benefit from the shared knowledge. The other people can then use their own knowledge to update existing or add new information. A wiki is therefore a highly dynamic information exchange platform. That some information will be outdated is unavoidable; please inform the administrator if you encounter outdated infomation, this helps us to keep the Wiki as up to date as we can.

This Wiki exists to collect and distribute information of the LOFAR project. It is maintained and used by all LOFAR related personnel.

To navigate this wiki, you can choose one of the sections in the navigation window on the left, or do a 'search' query in the search box.

Please read these guidelines for the purpose and the rules of this Wiki site, before you start editing.

All users are invited (even urged!) to add or update information in this Wiki. If you want to add new information, but have not yet decided or just don't know where it belongs, please enter the information in the waiting room. Your information can always be moved to a more appropriate place later. The most important thing is, is that the information then already has entered this Wiki, which makes it available to other users. All new contributions must be in English.

When you enter the first time, or without logging in, you only have read-access to the public information in this Wiki. The right to view and modify restricted areas make can be granted by the administrator, only, after you have registered for an account here.

Questions and remarks can be send to the administrator.

Every Wiki has its own syntax for text markup. Something one just needs to get acquainted with… For this Wiki, a brief explanation can be found here, or, when you open a edit page, through a link ('syntax') provided at the top of your screen. The edit page has some short-cut buttons that you can for markup, sectioning, creating links, creating lists, inserting an image or attaching a document.

There are some simple rules we impose to users:

  • All information should be in English
  • Large documents can be attached. We prefer attached documents to be in pdf-format so they are viewable and printable by most users.
  • Images are preferred as either jpg, gif, svg or png.
  • Do NOT delete content created by others without prior clearance. Only if the creator is not available anymore (e.g., left the field of astronomy), content can be deleted without clearance.
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