The final LOFAR configuration

On this page the final LOFAR configuration will appear as it is decided and the land is secured. At the end of last year the decisions were made for the core station layout. At the moment, the LOFAR NL configuration including baselines of up to 100km is investigated. The E-LOFAR configuration is changing as new partners join and more LOFAR sites become available (for more information on E-LOFAR go here).

The LOFAR core area is located in Exloo (NL) and will be a nature development area. If you require the full coordinates please contact Corina Vogt (vogt<at> The bigger circles represent the LBA antenna fields that will consist of 96 antennas (where 48 can be active at a time). The smaller circles are the HBA tile fields that will consist of 24 HBA tile.


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