Release notes LOFAR Offline release 2.12.0


Release notes/changelogs

  • #8211 - Improve speed of PyBDSM wavelet module
  • #8152 - Fix hanging pydsm test on CEP3
  • #7778 - New DPPP step applybeam to apply the beam model
  • #7812 - Prepare for linking against external AOFlagger (step newaoflagger)
  • #7963 - Add multithreaded Predict step to DPPP and Refactoring of DPPP simulation code (used in demix etc.)
  • #8119 - Fix bug in baseline selection, selecting '[CR]S*&' now works properly in filter, demixer and preflagger
  • #8142 - Fix NDPPP StationAdder: visibilities are now correctly weighted. Also weighted UVW coordinates are now computed.
  • #8157 - Fix NDPPP filter step after a StationAdder step. The new station is now added to the MS immediately after every step.
  • #8210 - ApplyCal can now corrupt for effects
  • GainCal now uses the new Predict and ApplyBeam step, it can apply the beam model to a model data column

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