Stop-day activities August 1, 2017

Coordinator Teun Grit
Skype: teungrit
Software Support ?
Science, Operations and Support ?
Observer ?

Planned end time: 15:00 LT (CET).


  • reboots and idrac reboots. Done.
  • Restart the Infiniband Switches. Done.
  • All nodes: file system check and reboot. Done.
  • Fail-over test. Done.
  • Decrease peer_credits_hiw to 64. Done.
  • Restart the Infiniband Switches. Done.
  • Reboot. Done.
  • Check/fix startup of zabbix agent. Done.
  • Reboot LCU's with new BIOS version. This involves cs101c cs201c cs301c cs302c cs401c cs501c. Done. All booted without problems.
  • Shut down kis001
  • dop303 Northstar update near 9AM (Holties) Done.
  • dop293 reboot (mysql1). Done.
  • none
  • none
  • none
  • Fix delays for LBA_SPARSE on core stations. Done. Version 2.21.9 installed.
  • Improve logging of output data loss
  • Summarise input data loss
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