Stop-day activities Nov 1, 2016

Coordinated by Teun. Prefered end time 15:00.

The order of the stop-day will be Cobalt, CEP4, CEP3. This way we have time to test with new MCU & CCU hosts (Arno)

(Arjen will swap ports of Cobalt node 8 to address the UDP packet loss)

Postponed. This requires test-time. We want to have mcu002 & ccu002 first.

All equipment in rack D1 will be put on no-break power. STARTS AT 11:00 LT Involved machines:

1u ccu099
1u sas099
1u mcu099
lu ldb001 (powered off)
1u ldb002
1u ldb003
1u lcs120 (Virtual machines: ccu002 kdcprod lcs158 mcu002 mcu005 mcu006 scu001 scu099 smu002)
1u lcs121 (Virtual machines: ccu199 kdctest lcs153 lcs155 lcs156 lcs157 mcu199 sas199)
1u lcs122 (Virtual machines: -)
8u lse021 (powered off)
8u lse024
8u lexar001
8u lexar002
1u lfe001
  • Swap locus095 and locus080 physically (Done by Kees)
  • Reset idrac
  • Reboot
  • Do a filesystem check on /data of lof001-022 (Done by Robin)
  • Reboots
  • lof022 reseat memory card
  • ?
  • Take into production by Arno: MCU002 (CentOS7)
  • Take into production by Arno: CCU002 (CentOS7)
  • none
  • none
  • none
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