Stop-day activities Jan 3, 2017

Coordinated by Teun. Prefered end time 15:00.

The order of the stop-day will be Cobalt, CEP4, CEP3.

Jorrit will assist for Software Support.

(Arjen is not in)

  • Remove old machines
  • Updates and reboots
  • Shutdown for users, start of wipe of disks
  • Power down all nodes except lhn001 *
  • Reset idrac
  • Reboot
  • Do a filesystem check on /data of lof001-022 (Done by Hopko)
  • Reboots
  • nop

(Arno is not in)

  • none
  • none
  • ais002 remove 1x10G, add 1x 1G
  • ais007 new disk, reinstall OS
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